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Donald “You’re fired”

Trump’s troubled tower: anatomy of financial meltdown: Dirty Dealing Donald is the new handle for the “King of Pomade”. “Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing” is the slogan the investors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida should have been in tune … Continue reading

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Sorry we are broke

Lawmakers release $88.6M in Palestinian aid: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Palestinians will receive $88.6 million in U.S. developmental aid, more than half the assistance that has been on hold for six months, after top Republicans who control the House of … Continue reading

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Hope the new one is better

Cheney undergoes heart transplant surgery: I didn’t even know the guy had a heart the way he deviously orchestrated the Iraq war while he was vice president. I really believe that if was not for Dick Cheney, George W. would … Continue reading

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No its not cheese

Space junk forces astronauts into escape capsules on International Space Station: It’s not bad enough that mankind has “literally littered” the entire planet we live on; now we have junked up outer space too. Take a look at Mt. Everest … Continue reading

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Why not sooner

‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,’ Obama says: March 23 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama said it’s “absolutely imperative” that the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Florida be thoroughly investigated and that the killing touched … Continue reading

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Your money is not good here lady

Syria’s Stylish First Lady’s Shopping Sprees Now Hit By Sanctions: With all of the bloodshed, death, destruction and misery taking place in Syria they still find it necessary to worry about where their British born first lady is going to … Continue reading

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Rambunctious Ricky

Santorum Prefers Obama Over Mitt? Now that is what I call party loyalty. I am willing to be anyone 11 bowls of Pasta Fagoli and a case of Lambrusco that that statement is going to be old Ricky’s demise. This … Continue reading

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Semper Fi???

Military – US Marine faces dismissal for anti-Obama Facebook posts: I thought the “Hammer and Cycle” were in Europe? Now it is unlawful to talk about the president while serving in the military? This sounds like one of those countries … Continue reading

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Rip their heads off

SAINTS COACH SEAN PAYTON SUSPENDED FOR BOUNTIES: Per a league source, head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for the full year. The discipline comes more than two weeks after the NFL concluded that the Saints maintained in 2009, 2010, … Continue reading

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11 not 10

NYC Rep. Charles Rangel formally announces he’ll run for 22nd term in Congress: This is almost a joke that a person with the track record that Charlie has is allowed to run for office, let alone stay in office after … Continue reading

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