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Is there no end to their insanity?

What is it going to take in this country to get rid of the lawmakers that are running it into the ground? Cut and paste the website below to see an example of what these knuckle heads are doing to … Continue reading

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Hang your heads in shame

Is there no end to how the senate and congress are deceiving the American public? These “under privileged children” passed a law years back allowing them “inside information” on stock transactions and other sensitive material. This very action is against … Continue reading

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John and Bill – vultures of the “birds”:

John and Bill; brothers in arms, “of a female”. It is no wonder Bill Clinton admired John Kennedy as much as he did; they both went to the same school of ego. Bill met the Kennedy when Bill was in … Continue reading

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Forked tongue

Obama’s ‘super PAC’ decision reflects new campaign reality: Like the Indians would say “chief speak with forked tongue” In 2010 when O-Bomb-O was running for this office he now holds; the one that he has not fulfilled a portion of … Continue reading

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Super mouth

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, criticizes New England receivers: “My husband cannot (expletive) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time,” in an apparent slam at New England’s receivers. Is it “super model or super mouth”? … Continue reading

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The time is now

U.S. to elevate Special Operations forces’ role in Afghanistan: The U.S. military is planning to elevate the role of Special Operations forces in Afghanistan as it shifts away from a combat focus to a mission that places greater emphasis on … Continue reading

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Disgrace to our country

(CNN) – The Green Party welcomed comedian Roseanne Barr as a presidential candidate Friday, following her Twitter announcement. Is this loud mouthed / unpatriotic broad is a massive a joke or what? I really thought that this election was a … Continue reading

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What is 10 plus two

Are electronic media making us less (or more) literate? Did you ever go into an establishment to make a purchase and the power was out? When the teenage clerk that was waiting on me could not count my change past … Continue reading

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Report: Classified US document says Taliban ready to take power in Afghanistan, backed by Pakistan: It does not surprise me. All the bloodshed, loss of life, maiming and monitory beating we took and continue to take was all for nothing. … Continue reading

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Time to tighten things up

There is now speculation that Iran is considering attacking the United States on its own soil. The U.S. intelligence community is worried that mysterious assassinations and bombings aimed at Iran’s nuclear program may be spurring the Iranian leadership to pursue … Continue reading

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