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Slimy Stone

Oliver Stone’s son, now Muslim, to meet with Iran’s president and supreme leader to talk film financing: Stone’s son, Sean Christopher Stone, 27 years old, converted to the Muslim faith two weeks ago while traveling abroad in Iran. He tells … Continue reading

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Give them some slack

Noncitizen veterans protest possible deportation to Mexico: Two brothers who served in Vietnam demonstrate at the U.S.-Mexico border over a more stringent immigration policy that ensnared them because of misdemeanor criminal convictions more than 10 years ago. Don’t the bad … Continue reading

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Paid big to be incompetent

Watchdog report: Limit Fannie, Freddie legal fees more: Is there no end to the flagrant, underhanded abuse perpetrated by the people that are “handpicked” to run the operations of some of the branches of our government? To begin with; the … Continue reading

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BSA / Be Ashamed of Actions

Judge orders Boy Scouts to turn over files in California sex-abuse case: SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – A judge overseeing a lawsuit brought by the family of a California boy molested by his troop leader in 2007 has ordered the Boy … Continue reading

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Large fries and a diet Pepsi please

Man has apparent heart attack while eating at Heart Attack Grill: A customer was stricken with an apparent heart attack while eating a 6,000-calorie burger called the Triple Bypass Burger at a restaurant that prides itself on serving artery clogging … Continue reading

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More Pasta

Hedge Fund Manager Cohen Wines and Dines With NJ Gov. Christie: Governor Christie better put a governor on that yap of his. Those big dinners are going to put that guy with his toes facing up. It is surprising that … Continue reading

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Newest thing in foot wear when traveling on a Italian cruise ship: Leave it to a enterprising Italian to come up with foot wear that can be used when cruising an Italian liner. The inventor of these lifesaving high heels … Continue reading

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Poor Ab-dull-mute-a-lub

Underwear bomber challenges life sentence: Abdulmutallab, (too hard for me to pronounce) who is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, is facing a mandatory life in prison sentence after pleading guilty in October to trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner … Continue reading

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Don’t kick the bunny

Hugh Hefner’s son Marston arrested for attacking Playmate-of-the-Year-girlfriend, report says: Here is a kid that has been brought up in a female buffet style atmosphere all of his life. He could get any women he wanted because Daddy will make … Continue reading

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To young to soon

Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48: At this time there is not an autopsy report available to see what Whitney’s cause of death was. Whatever it was it is a shame that such a beautiful lady with talent for fifty … Continue reading

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