Pay me three times- I don’t care

Gov’t Spending Billions on Overlap?

Government Accountability Office reports says the US government is wasting ‘tens of billions’ of taxpayer dollars annually on duplicate and overlapping federal programs. I bet no one is sending the free money back.

If this money was coming out of the pockets of the people making the mistakes I will bet that 99% of the errors would be eliminated. Part of the problem; for the most part, government employees are not accountable to anyone. If the screw up enough they are promoted to keep them out of trouble.

Have you ever walked into a government office and watch the lack of enthusiasm of the people that work there? They can make a one day job last 4 weeks. Telling their boss doesn’t do any good because they are the ones that schooled them.

Do I have a crystal ball or what? There is no end to all of the mismanagement in all phases of our government. “Stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away”. Guess what; it only gets worse.

I would venture to say that if there was a 40% reduction of all government jobs its production or the lack of it would not change.

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