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BEIJING — China plans to force government officials to stop buying foreign brands like Volkswagen and Toyota and purchase only locally-branded cars.

This is one example of one country is not afraid of “saying no” to another country or to make it financially out of reach to “do the deal”.

In an attempt to boost sales in the Chinese auto industry, the main “chop stick” has forced their government officials to buy Chinese built automobiles only. “Charity begins at home”. This is something they understand; why can’t the American policy makers do the same?

The United States should take a lesson for the land of fried rice. China has come from obscurity becoming world leader in a few short years. The leaders of China believe that they have to take care of their government first before they start giving the store away.

To try and dissuade other countries for exporting their goods to China; as one example, China has imposed punitive duties of up to 22 percent on large cars and SUVs exported from the US.

We do not import cars from China but we import a multitude of other goods that we can impose higher import taxes on to keep them out of the country in doing so get our people back to work.

One thing among many others the present administration does not understand; they should lower the taxes on big business to encourage them to stay in the country instead of pushing them out. More jobs; people pay more taxes and people spend more money. They can’t see the forest because of the trees.

This one issue, jobs, should have been the main priority of Obama over 3 years ago when he took office instead of wait until the election to come around to make his move for political motives.  I don’t know why so many Americans are taken in with “big con”. He is one hell of a talker! We need a doer not a talker.

To most countries in the world the fair trade agreements are only a piece of paper with some words scribbled on it. To the United States it is something written in stone that costs our government billions of dollars each year. We should call it the “unfair trade agreement”.

These agreements were instituted to; as the title implies to develop “fair trade”. We (the USA) spend a billion in their country and they (foreign countries) spend a billion in our country. That is the way it is supposed to work to maintain an equal balance.

Naturally the USA is the only country that plays by the rules to some degree because we like “giving the store away”. We don’t want to be the bad guy; always afraid of public opinion; apologizing for what we do and what we don’t do.

Just one example of giving the store away; while our country is broke; the United States has been giving Egypt an averaged just over $2 billion every year because they signed peace treaty with Israel. We are paying Egypt $ 2,000,000,000.00 a year to be nice to Israel. Does anyone beside me see something wrong with that? This has been going on since 1979. In thirty-three years it has cost our government $ 66,000,000,000.00 of our tax payers’ money.

Uncle Sam shells out “more than $58 billion a year in foreign assistance through more than 20 agencies. Why don’t they pass some of that money to the citizens of our country that are forced to chose between buy medicine or eating?

These are some of the countries we are helping to support. Canada and Australia get foreign aid from the U.S. This year the requested amount for Russia was $68.7 million. For China, it’s $12.9 million. A whopping $647.7 million has been allocated for Nigeria. Even $20 million is set aside for communist Cuba. Is this not mind boggling?? The government does not want anyone to even buy a cigar from Castro but we are giving them $ 20,000,000.00 a year. You figure it.

Number one; why do we do it and number two; does it make any sense to give all the food in your refrigerator away when some of your own family is staving?

I have no idea where and when these “deals’ we put together but one thing I do know, it is time for Washington to take a good hard look and reassess these outrageous arrangements. How is it possible that the USA is paying other countries to “like them” when some its own citizens are living under some of the poorest conditions in the world.

Maybe someone should rent a big bus and give the “good old boys” a tour some of some the cities here in the USA like Detroit – Laredo – Steubenville – Jonesburg, AK – Albany GA – Brownsville, TX – Cleveland that are on the brink of financial destruction. Don’t look at the downtown areas; go two blocks away the corner to the slums.

Sooner than later something has to give. The time may be here already.

Don’t try to save billions; start by saving the pennies; they add will up to billions.

Personally I think the USA is too far gone to expect it to completely rebound financially. If you want to get sick click cut and paste the follow web site; – how do we even begin to pay off this monumental debt?

Go back in history and take a look at the Roman Empire. Their extravagance, mismanagement and arrogance were their demise. Whatever goes up must come down; that is the law of gravity. Enjoy your next steak.

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