Nutty Professor

Jury saw a limit to George Huguely’s malice:

Juror Ian Glomski, 39, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia’s medical school stated “I was emotionally shredded inside”. “I absolutely feel for the guy.”

I wonder if it was the daughter of the “Nutty Professor” that was dead if he would feel the same way. The bleeding hearts in this country are destroying it.

Ian Gloom-a-lof-ski is trying to justify the killers’ action because he was drunk. How many people would be dead in this world if everyone that was drunk killed someone? There would not be a soul left standing.

This clean cut looking kid beat this girl to death and he has people feeling sorry for him.

Personally I think the kid got away easy for kill this beautiful girl. What a waste of a young life. If it was Judge Roy Bean he would have been hanging from a tree already.

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