Give them some slack

Noncitizen veterans protest possible deportation to Mexico:

Two brothers who served in Vietnam demonstrate at the U.S.-Mexico border over a more stringent immigration policy that ensnared them because of misdemeanor criminal convictions more than 10 years ago.

Don’t the bad boys in DC have anything better to do than to try and deport two brothers that served in OUR military back to Mexico? I am sure that there are a few more people on the deportation list that are more deserving of getting the boot than brothers Manuel and Valente Valenzuela. After all; these two guys put their lives on the line to serve their country and deserve to stay in the USA.

It really should be standard procedure; when people from foreign countries serve in the United States military they should automatically become an American citizen.

Hey, immigration dudes. When you come back from your coffee break, see if there is some way you can cut these two brothers and anyone one else that “served” that is on your hit list some slack. They deserve it.

I definitely am not against deportation but go after the bad guys.

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  1. Herb Heaney says:

    Wohh just what I was searching for, thanks for posting.

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