Paid big to be incompetent

Watchdog report: Limit Fannie, Freddie legal fees more:

Is there no end to the flagrant, underhanded abuse perpetrated by the people that are “handpicked” to run the operations of some of the branches of our government?

To begin with; the majority of these positions are “given/handed”, not earned, to “the special people” that conform to the politics of the president that happens to be in office. The issue that frustrates me the most is the lack of accountability for these bungling bandits. All they have to do is take the “Fifth Amendment” 50 or 60 times and they are home free. No consequences.

A report issued Wednesday by the inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency says Fannie and Freddie together have paid more than $109 million in legal expenses for former executives since 2004, with Fannie covering more than $99 million for just three top officials. “We the people” are footing the bill for their incompetence.  I would like to be the lawyer defending them. What is their fee now, about $ 2,000.00 an hour?

So far the figure on what Freddy and Fannie have lost has cost the government about $150 billion (that is a B not an M) and that figure continues to grow. Not to forget; these are just two of the organizations’ that are under the jurisdiction of the government that are mismanaging their responsibilities.

The establishment calls them carefully selected people. I call it pay back or kick back for favors extended to “the party”.

It’s not bad enough that these two entities botched their obligations big time; the incompetent individuals that headed them are having their legal fees paid by the Jack and Jill citizen. Who is the fool, them or us??

The corruption and bungling in the government seems to have no end. The way things are going; the only thing that separates us from Russia is the language. Their deceit and mismanagement is immeasurable.

Another Prime example of the “brotherhood”.
Obama named Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric Co.’s chief executive officer, to head his outside panel of economic advisers. This is the same guy that finagled his company out of paying “any” federal tax in 2010. The company file a 57,000 page tax return; imagine a 57,000 page tax return; and paid no taxes on
$ 14,000,000,000 billion profit. GE is only one of the companies that are at the tip of the iceberg in a long list of tax loop hole abusers.

Obama must be paving his way for when he gets out of office. Maybe Jeffery will hire him as a payback. Check out some of the positions politicians just accidentally acquire when they  get out of office.

Our president constantly complains about the lack of reform; yet he and the rest of the Washington’s lawmakers continue to let these loop holes exist to get their biggest political contributors ways of getting out of paying their fair share of taxes.

Let’s be realistic. Can anyone really blame a person or company to utilize the loops holes that are available to them? Absolutely not; they would be foolish not to. These tax shelters and schemes have to be reformed by the government so that every citizen, company and corporation have to pay their fair share of taxes.

I have been an advocate of a flat tax for years but none of the politicians want to address this because it will hurt them and their army of political contributors. With a flat tax; a set amount/percentage is established for each and everyone in the country to pay that has been predetermined. No loop holes, no shelters. I am positive that with a flat tax in place the deficit of the government would show a significant reduction.

If the people in office really had the countries’ interest at heart, which they don’t, they should take it upon themselves to protect the people that put them in office. Ninety-eight of all decisions that are made in Washington are made to favor the law makers and their parties, not its citizens.

The first thing Obama was going to do when he got into office was to “remove” all of the lobbyist from Washington. There are more lobbyist that “own” DC now than any other time in history. It was only lip service and one of the biggest cons every perpetrated on the American people.  Obama saw that the citizens of this country were desperate for a change so he said anything and everything he could to fabricate his way to the white house. Whether he is a Muslim or a Christian; lying and deceit in either religion is a sin and he told a big one.

What does it say for the people that are running the United States government when these deplorable conditions exist and no-one is doing anything about it. NOT MUCH.

Again, let’s start taking some of the perks away from the gravy train crew and conditions would be a lot different. What incentive do the people in DC have if the poor conditions that exist in this country does not affect them?

In my opinion; the country could not be in worse shape than it is already no matter what party is in office. It is a real shame that out of the entire Republican pool  they could not have come up with some better candidates’.  I forget; they only had 3.5 years to prepare for the election.

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  1. I like this blog so much, saved to my bookmarks. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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