More Pasta

Hedge Fund Manager Cohen Wines and Dines With NJ Gov. Christie:

Governor Christie better put a governor on that yap of his. Those big dinners are going to put that guy with his toes facing up. It is surprising that Chris hasn’t had a coronary yet.

He went to dinner the other night with another Italian crony of his hedge fund manager Steve Cohen.

The two food fashionistos’ dined on some very expensive cuts of beef and a bottle or two of $ 355.00 Sassiciai vino. With all the cholesterol that beef puts out; I am sure that vintage grape helped clear those veins, especially at those prices. After the first glass it all tastes the same.

I would like to be the fly in their pasta fagiloi to be able to hear what a governor and a hedge fund manager talk about over bread sticks??? You can bet it wasn’t about what is in the best interest of our country.

Chris; don’t wipe your chin on that silk white on white shirt sleeve. That pasta sauce is too hard to get out. Or do you guys in Jersey call it gravy??

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