Don’t kick the bunny

Hugh Hefner’s son Marston arrested for attacking Playmate-of-the-Year-girlfriend, report says:

Here is a kid that has been brought up in a female buffet style atmosphere all of his life. He could get any women he wanted because Daddy will make it happen. That was not good enough for Marston who decided to forcibly to get some poon tang from a lady that didn’t want anything to do with Junior.

According to police reports he tried to force himself on Claire Sinclair who rebuffed his advances; that is when “Rocket Man” went ballistic and started to punch and kick the bunny who was Playmate of the year.

He was arrested after a 25 second investigation and put in the “slams”.

Sooner than Marston could pull a playboy bunny out of a hat he was released on 20,000.00 bail. He probably had that much in his watch pocket of his worn out jeans.

I am almost sure that with all of Hugh’s involvement with the opposite sex that he tried to teach his kid some social graces. When a lady says no that is what she means.

At trial he probably will be given a very light sentence; maybe doing the laundry at a women’s prison on weekends.

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