Only lip service

Obama State of the Union to Detail Plan for Middle Class Success:

How many times and in how many ways can a person tell the same myth with a straight face? This pres has been riding this horse for almost four years and has not fed the animal yet. The only thing the American people are getting in return is what comes out of the other end of that beast of burden.

For six months or better the pres has been on the campaign trail with vigor. If he was to put as much effort into his presidency and focusing on getting the country back to where it should be as he does beating the bush; the country would be a lot further ahead in many ways then it is today.

It is the same lie time after time when O-Bomb-O speaks. I have to give the devil their due; he is convincing as hell. Every time he speaks it is like the first time he said it. That is what got him into the White House, his silver tongue, George Bush & Cheney a lot of financial backing and Oprah.

Bay-rock came into the lime light when he spoke at the Democratic convention. He was a young, energetic, highly articulate young man that knew what to say and how to say it, said what people wanted to hear, had the right backing financially and it was a time in history when the country needed a change. He certainly talked his way into office.

I don’t really believe that most people voted for Bay-Rock because he was black, they felt that the country could not stand 4 more years of a Republican President. Isn’t it time that we the American people vote for the person and not their “party” affiliation? Does it really matter what party they belong to? It is all one big “party” for the politicians. Let’s start doing what is right for the American people not what is good for the party.

If the Republicans do not come up with someone that can out fox and out maneuver this phenomenal storyteller; Bay- Rock is going to win again and the USA will be in a more precarious position then it is today.

A person should be judged by what they do not what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

The man would have my respect and the respect of the American people if he even accomplished 25% of what he promised. Who cares what color he is?

The next time I run for the presidency I am going to guarantee each and every citizen a new Rolls Royce, $ 200,000.00 a year pay check, 24 weeks paid vacation and the opportunity to sleep in the White House where Bill Clinton did. I bet I would get a few people to vote for me.

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