Kids come first

Paterno says he ‘didn’t know which way to go’ with Sandusky allegations:

Letter to Joe:

Joe buddy; I love you as do many other Italian people in this country  for what you have accomplished with the kids. You have gone above and beyond in your life with young people and always have been a stunning role model, even with your Italian temper.

You have made the Italian people very proud of you and will always be remembered for your outstanding achievements.

Unfortunately; there is probably one thing that will resonate even more strongly than that, it will be the way you handled the Sandusky situation at Penn State.

There should only be one thing that takes precedence over everything in our lives and that is the safety and welfare of our kids.

If these allegations are true and by all indications they are, this degenerate pedophile should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and should have been turned in immediately. If that did happen and the “cover up” did not exist there would have been a lot less kids that fell victim to this guy’s sick desires. The physical and mental harm inflicted on the “real victims” is going to last their entire life. There cannot be a price tag out on that.

Thanks for all of your contributions to the young people that have be very fortunate to be  under your tutelage. I am sure they will never forget you.

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