What is a little recycled water?

Marines ID two of the men in urination video:

What is war? Is war supposed to be a politically correct endeavor where by both sides have to play by the same rules? If so let us play by the same rules as the bad guys.

Definition of war: A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties. It doesn’t say anything about pissing

Does anyone remember when the enemy hung the corpses of our men from a bridge, set them on fire and drug them behind their vehicles?

Has there ever been any disciplinary action taken against the “bad guys” that decapitated our people on film? They didn’t do it “honorably”  with an ax the way they did in Henry the VIII’s time, they sawed their heads of our people off with a dull knife. Watch the film if you have the stomach.

Is this war or any other war supposed to be fought with the rules only applied to the USA?

This is not the Civil War when both side took the weekend off to spend with their families and then went back to ass kicking on Monday.

I don’t condone (maybe) what the Marines did but at the same time I don’t think that this situation should be blown of proportion the way it has been.

Why is it that the rules of combat only apply to one side and not the other?

Why is it that the USA is always apologizing to everyone around the world when it is costing our country dearly both in lives and monetarily when we are trying to bring these people out of the dark ages?

War is war and should be fought to win. I can guarantee; through the years if any of the other sides we engaged had the military capabilities that we have; they would have dropped a bomb on us years ago with no regard for human life. We would have been eating with chop stick 60 years ago.

It is quite possible that some of the Marines had witnessed some very gruesome and grotesque events happening to some of their fellow Marines and are taking out their revenge. Who can blame them for it?

“If it is good for the goose it should be good for the gander”. Take the hand cuffs off of our people that are giving their life for the USA and let them fight the war. If a little pissing is thrown into it, so be it.

What kind of disciplinary action would be taken if the circumstances were reversed? None!! With the atrocities that have been perpetrated against our fighting men and women; a little recycled water is not a big thing.

If these Marines are given a reprimand I think that will be sufficient; if they are court-martialed it will be a sin.

Let us not be the laughing stock of the world the way we are.

Does anyone really think that those savages we are fight for really think that pissing on their dead men is such a bad thing? Wake up kids; it is all propaganda.

“Here lies this prick on the ground that just tried to blow my head off a few seconds ago and all I am doing is pissing on him”.

Has anyone read the news lately?

In Afghanistan “people hate the Americans from the bottom of their hearts”


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