Thanks a lot USA

‘Iraq Day’ marks deadline for U.S. withdrawal:

Baghdad (CNN) Stations aligned with Sunni and Shiite extremist groups, many of whom attacked U.S. troops, have dubbed it the “Day of Defeating the Occupier” — others have called it the “Day of Fulfillment” or “Day of Evacuation.”

I hope that the powers to be in DC take the wax out of their ears , take their blinders off and see that all of the monumental sacrifices the USA has made to try and protect these people and develop their countries out of a the “third world” mentality is all for nothing.

The vast majority of the people in Iraq and Afghanistan resent that the United States invaded their country. Looking at the big picture; they were a lot better off in most ways than before got there. The biggest loser in all of these recent wars was the USA. No question about it.

Charity begins at home and lads and lasses, let keep it here.

Wake up Prez and pull all of the troops out of the Middle East and let them fend for themselves. They don’t appreciate it and we will never win the war in Afghanistan either!!

Quit playing politics.

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