Just like the book said

Craigslist Transaction Gone Bad: Marine Shot, Plugs Wounds with Fingers

Lt. Colonel Karl Trenker’s girlfriend Tanta Siaz advertised a gold chain for sale on Craigslist. The Jar Head volunteered to oversee the sale and drove to her apartment complex to meet the two potential buyers. When he showed the necklace one of the men shoved him and grabbed the jewelry and they both ran like a scared puppies. The thieves didn’t want any part of the in shape Marine.

Like any good Marine would do, he gave chase. One of the punks turned and fired at the Colonel several times and hitting him. Putting his training into practical application, the Devil Dog stuck his fingers in his wounds to keep from bleeding to death just like it is shown in the Marine Corps manual.

The bad guys were apprehended by the cops and are now in jail for trying to kill a Marine that kept their sorry asses safe and out of harms’ way. Shame on them.

When they get out of jail they should be deported to Afghanistan and have to go through some of what the Colonel did. Let them shoot at the Taliban, they shoot back.

Semper Fi Colonel and a speedy recovery.

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