It was only my sisters son

TSA Worker Suspended After Security Breach at New Jersey’s Newark Airport:

The Transportation Security Administration has suspended one of its employees at Newark’s Liberty International Airport after a security breach occurred last Thursday.

Suspended, not fired?? This person must be a cousin or some sort relative of one of the big wigs at TSA. Give them their walking papers. Don’t let the door hit them where the dog bit them. Take a hike.

It is not bad enough that the passengers don’t even get a bag of chips, a pillow or a blanket free anymore, now we have to worry about someone that is getting paid to insure our safety not doing their job and  putting the lives of hundreds of passengers in harms way. Flying is not a great experience to start with the way it used to be.

SIDE NOTE: The last time I flew was to Houston about two months ago. The airline tightened the seating up so much that when I got off the plane the corduroy pants I had on had holes in the knees where they were rubbing the seat in front of me. Real comfort.

With all of the terrorists’ activity in this world it is absolutely necessary that each and every bag be checked and rechecked.

Now that mostly everyone has gotten use to taking off their shoes, showing some of their private parts on a monitor screen, getting patted down by a stranger that invariably hits them in the nuts while “doing their job” and all the other terrorists related delays; missing a bag that could potentially have a bomb in it, it is inexcusable.

I would be willing to bet that this employee is not the first person to “miss the boat” or should I say the plane.

What if one of those two bags just happened to be the one?

It is not a matter if it going to happen it is only a matter of when.

Be on your toes TSA (Take Some Action).

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