Farewell to a fanatic.

Sobbing in streets as Dictator Kim Jong II’s funeral begins.

Wailing and clutching at their hearts, tens of thousands of North Koreans lined the snowy streets of Pyongyang on Wednesday as the hearse carrying late leader Kim Jong Il’s wound its way through the capital for a final farewell.

I agree that there may be a small percentage of the North Korean people that truly loved their “Dear Leader” because they were brain washed so severely but all in all the performance the entire country put on when this tyrant died is something to behold.

The majority of it is orchestrated and watched by the government. If they don’t show up and do not put out a stellar presentation their name goes on a list as “enemies of the country” and they will be dealt with later.

Out with the old and in with the new. Now the North Korean people have Kim Jong Un as their “Supreme Leader”. He is just as bad as his old man and his grandfather. How can these dictators live in luxury as they do when their countrymen are literally starving? I guess that is what “Dick-Tatters” do.

Hopefully through the years the young “Supreme Leader” will have a Korean light bulb go on in his head and see just how bad off his country is and make some changes for his starving people. After all it will be 2012 in a couple of days. Time for some changes.

The real point of this blog is not to lament for the old bird but to point something out; as much as the North Korean government despises and repulses the USA, take a look at what kind of vehicle is carrying the stiff to the big “HanjeongsikI” in the sky, a Lincoln Town car. At least the old dude had some style and is going out in a classy ride.

Very interesting. They put the coffin on top of the car instead of getting a hearse where they could put it inside. I hope they don’t have to stop quickly.

They would look pretty silly picking up the dearly departed leader off the frozen tundra.

Now that is very funny.

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