Don’t blow them up, put them on

Condoms for porn actors to be on L.A. ballot:

LOS ANGELES — A ballot initiative requiring Los Angeles porn actors to wear condoms has qualified to go before city voters in a presidential primary election in June, organizers said on Tuesday.

It is no secret that the some of the porno people living in LA are not playing with a full deck. Not only are they not playing with a full deck, sadly enough it now  has become necessary to tell them to wear a condom while making skin flicks.

I wonder if it ever dawned on these brain surgeons how many other dudes these young ladies have slept with before them? If I had to guess, on both sides it mostly was unprotected sex.

Lads remember what grandma used to tell you when you were kids, ‘if you go out in the rain be sure to put your rain coat on”.

Quit spreading the diseases around. A quote from a famous creature Smokey the Bear just  slightly different twist, “The dick you save may be your own, Dick”.

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