Let Joe do his thing

Judge Rules Against Arizona Sheriff For Illegal Stops:

(Reuters) – A federal judge on Friday barred Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio from detaining people simply for being in the country illegally, in a ruling that faulted the local lawman for enforcing federal immigration law.

Isn’t it against the law to be in this country illegally?

It must be human nature; hire a tough down to business lawman to put your fires out because you have no other recourse. As soon as the mission you hired him for is in hand and under control, you don’t need him anymore and want to send him to the gallows.

Just like in the old west. The residence had their backs against the wall because their wives and daughters could not walk down the street safely; law and order   was totally out of control.  What did they do? They went out and found some no non-sense lawmen that didn’t take any shit from the drunken, lawless cowpokes that came into town to put out their fires.

As soon as the conditions got back to where the elders wanted them they took a vote and threw the lawmen to the dogs. Essentially, they felt threatened by the power the lawman had created for himself.

This is basically the same situation that the “good sheriff” Joe Arpaio is having with the judicial system in Arizona. He took the bull by the horns when he was elected by focusing on getting his county back from the bad guys. After arrest and convictions were made he set up some extremely stringent rules,regulations and living conditions in “tent city”,  one of the toughest jail houses in the country and made sure that the criminals that were sent there knew they we not on vacation.

Now that Joe has had some very good results and a good handle on the criminals,  some out of touch with reality federal judge is trying to put the hand cuffs on the sheriff and prevent him from doing his job. There are many people that feel Joe Arpaio has become too powerful and are intimadated by his position.

Wake up your honor and let Joe the Italian guy do what he is best at, keeping law and order.

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