Black Friday – Black and Blue Saturday

(CNN) — Violence marred Black Friday shopping in at least seven states, including California, where police say a woman doused fellow shoppers with pepper spray in a bid to snag a discounted video game console.

The incident happened Thursday night at a Walmart in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles, said Officer Robert Chavira, a police spokesman.

Ten people were exposed to the spray. Los Angeles firefighters treated them at the scene and no one required hospitalization, Chavira said.

The woman sprayed the crowd as people were grabbing for Xbox video game consoles, Los Angeles Police Detective Gus Villanueva said.

One witness to the incident, Juan Castro, said he and other shoppers were hunting for “deals,” when a woman began using pepper spray. He was trying to buy a Wii video game at $20, marked down from a typical $60, he said.

While no deaths were reported in this year’s shopping, authorities said they handled fights, shootings and other incidents through the morning.

At least I won’t have to take my 357 magnum when I take my daughter and grandson shopping later this week. Maybe just the two nine millimeters to feel safe.

A man from Chesterland, Ohio was visiting in New York, claims he was kick in the testicles so hard he actually spit the right one out of his mouth. A passer by-er stepped on it when the man tried to recover it. Oh nuts.

Well, it is a little refreshing to know that no one got killed while Christmas shopping so far! True Christian Christmas spirit. Things are looking up in “One flew over a Koko’s nest”.

At Kmart it was reported that  a nun trying to rip a full cupped lift up brassiere, size 38 D out of the hands of the pastor of her church who was going to a dress up party tonight.

This is probably where the clique came from “I would die to have that sweater”?

Everyone knows that it is just a big ploy from all the major stores to get people in their establishments. Most of the items that they claim are on sale run out in the first five minutes’. Or should I say after the first 5 blows.

Speaking of blows. I am very surprised that we haven’t heard from “The Most Reverend Jesse Jackson” or the “palm aid” king Charlie Rangel regarding the term “Black Friday”.  They always get their nose in front of the camera whenever the word black is mentioned??? Their TV must be stolen.

I did some research to try to find the last time Jesse Baby had a real meaningful job. I can’t find anything anywhere it indicated  he ever ran a jack hammer, operated a piece of equipment or even got his finger nails dirty. Maybe he had an office job where he made coffee for the boys; you know a real job.

This my be just a rumor but I heard Jesse bought his diploma from the Enquirer magazine that was running a special on Reverend Diplomas a few years back??

The only thing I can dig up on the Mr. Ebonics is that he goes around the country illustrating to “his people” how bad they have it. I have never heard a word come out of his mouth; that is even if I could understand him, telling the black community that advancements comes by hard work and education. This applies to every nationality. Shed the crying towel.

In the last few years the opportunities for the black population in the USA has been at an all-time high. People do not come and knock on your door; you have to go after life if you want to, it will not come after you.

Bill Cosby is the only black leader that really sticks out his neck to tell it like it is. He “shoots straight from the hip”. He tries to instruct his people the correct way to become stand up citizens. “Get an education”.  “There are no free rides”. “You have to work for it”. “Quit complaining”.

What does he get for his commendable efforts? Some people in the black ranks do not like Cosby’s rhetoric and they tried to set up some bogus illicit affair that he allegedly had to discredit him. They should give him a gold medal. He is an excellent role model for his people.

Getting back to Chuck:

In November 2010, the House ethics committee found him guilty of 11 counts of ethical violations, ruling that his failure to pay taxes, improper solicitation of fund-raising donations and failure to accurately report his personal income had brought dishonor on the House. The committee recommended censure for Mr. Rangel, the most serious punishment the House can mete out short of expulsion, by a 9 to 1 vote.

The Ethics Committee found Rangel guilty of 11 counts of violating House ethics rules, and on December 2, the full House approved a sanction of censure against Rangel.The sanction of Reprimand is confidential and imposed in cases where unethical conduct is of a minor nature.

A Reprimand is disclosed only to the person found in violation and to the individual who originally filed the complaint (Complainant). Any further unauthorized disclosure of the sanction of Reprimand is itself, a violation of the Code of Ethics.

Just like everything else in politics, they whitewash the whole thing to try and confuse the average citizen with their dialog. The definition of a sanction of censure mean, “they chewed his ass out” put him back to on the payroll, not that he was ever taken off, because he was on the committee that was going to vote yes on the DC boys new raise package.

I guess it doesn’t matter what color you are. If you have enough money and political clout you can beat any rap, at least once. Right OJ??

So Black Friday. Don’t ever plan on seeing this Dago kid freezing my goolunies off, setting up a tent in front of a store for 2 weeks, sleeping on the ground, eating Dinty Moore Spaggs out of a can, heating it up with sterno and getting my ass kick to save $ 50.00. That is not my ideal way of spending a week end.

Baah Hummmmmm Bug – get me another six pack – the store doors open in ten minutes


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