Take their lunch money away

I always thought I was a pretty logical person but there a few, or more than a few peculiarities in our great country that just don’t add up.

Why is it that a common citizen like myself and different people in all walks of life I talk to recognize the monumental difficulties we are having in the USA but the “suits” in D.C. in their sheltered towers can’t or do not want to address the issues as they are paid to do?

Lack of jobs, the housing market where people have either lost their home or its worth is cut in half, people living on the streets and some eating out of garbage cans, senior citizens’ having to choose between eating or buying their medicine. That is were the list of social problems starts but now where it ends.

One of the biggest dynamics the citizens of the USA have going against them is, the high priced “assessment evaluators” (trying to find the correct word) that make the rules and regulations we have to live by. They act like they are bunch of 4 years old kids that belong in a play pen instead of hiding behind a desk making policy for the USA. These people took an oath to honor, serve and protect the people that elected them. What really sets them apart from us is, they do not live by the same rules and standards as the common folk. They write their own ticket and are completely out of touch with reality.

“I would like to address my esteemed colleague from Texas”. Give me a break. Let us put all of the non-sense protocol and double talking in the closet and get down to business. They waste more time recognizing their esteemed colleagues then they do addressing the tribulations of our country. It is all about ego, power and money.

My father was the head of a major union in one of the biggest cities in the country for many years. I once told him “when the membership goes on strike or their contracts were being negotiated, the pay for all of the agents should stop until the issues were settled”. Not surprised by his answer, he agreed with me.

My old man was the “last of the good guys” that truly had the interest and welfare of every union member at heart. He was an extremist. He cared too much, if that is possible. Unlike the suits in DC that only care about themselves and the blokes that “donated” millions to their campaigns. Even Helen Kellers would be able to see that some drastic changes have to be made in order to save our country. I thought that only ostriches stuck their heads in the sand.

So when there are unsettled issues with our country the pay and perks should be cut off to the politicians in until there is some kind of solid resolution has been reached. Guess how long that would take.

I don’t think that the word accountability is in their vocabulary. I am sure if some of these fat cats missed a few meals or could not play 96 holes of golf someday, there would be some “Changes made in Grape Nuts” and right away! Come on ladies, what happened to that oath you took???

Get all of the special interest groups and high priced con-men out of Washington like O-Bomb-A promised before his election or should I say deception.

There is an old saying that a lot of people believe in, “prostitution is the oldest occupation”. I say “a politician was her pimp”. So tell me, who came first?

I am not the only one on the planet that has adverse opinions about the pampered, privileged people that are paid big bucks, many other perks and huge pensions to look out for their fellow Americans. About 75% of the people I talk to or read about are displeased with the deplorable condition the USA is in.

It really is not about the money these representatives make, it is about their lack of performance. Just like in the unions. The owners do not have a problem paying their people 25 – 40 dollars an hour but all they want in return is 25 – 40 dollars an hour in productivity. Same applies to congress.

One of the most ironic parts of this whole out of balance system we live in the majority of the people that are writing the policy for our country and for the military have never served a day in our armed forces.

We used to call the “ninety day wonders” in the Marine Corps. We had a 2nd Lieutenant come out of OCS trying to give orders to a Master Sergeant that has been in the corps for 20 years. These politicians do not have a clue about military operations. Leave the sawing to the carpenter. Leave the wars to the Guys with stars on their shoulders.

Take O-Bomb-A for instance. He does not have a clue about military operations and procedures but he is the commander in chief.

If there ever was a scam in American political system, O-Bomb-O pulled it off. He made every promise imaginable just to get elected and failed to keep one of them. He had no idea what the “top position” in the world was all about. He was ear marked by special interest groups and they sold the American people a bill of goods.

O-Bomb-A has three people to thank for him getting elected. Ophara, G.W. Bush and Dick (very properly named) Cheney. You digest this one.

Each and everyone one of those good old boys in D.C. should have to go through 16 weeks at Parris Island to weed out all the deadweight. I can bet Fidel Castro a Cuban cigar that 99.9% of them would be claiming they killed their mothers, looking for a medial discharge.
Members of Congress are quick to say they support the troops and veterans, but the number of elected officials who have served has plummeted to its lowest point since World War II.
Only 20% of the 535 members of the new Congress have served in the military, 25 from the Senate and 90 from the House of Representatives.
They are like some generals with the shinning boots that stands on the top of the ridge and yells “attack” but never mounts his horse.
So, guys in DC. Quit worrying about your pensions and the comrades you have to kick back to for their donations. Forget about what is good for the Donkeys’ (or Jackass) and Elephants and start thinking about what is good for the citizens of the United States who elected you to do what is best for the people.
Least start taking the politics out of politics and start acting like grown up responsible people that are doing the right thing for the citizens of the country, even if it hurts you in the pocket book a little. Start doing what is right for the country not what is right for your political parties. “Parties”? They pegged that one right too. You too Pres.. Let’s start doing what you were hired for.
O-Bomb-A / Don’t forget about what you forgot about:
What the American people hope -– what they deserve -– is for all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. The aspirations they hold are shared: a job that pays the bills; a chance to get ahead; most of all, the ability to give their children a better life.
BARACK OBAMA, State of the Union Address, Jan. 27, 2010

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